E-mail: meatfed@husszov.hu Phone: +36 30 4017661

The Federation was set up by operators in the meat sector in 1991, and was reformed in 1997. Its members are pig and cattle slaughtering, cutting and meat processing companies. Among the 18 members there are small, medium and large sized companies.
The mandate of the Federation is to represent the economic interests of member companies, to render assistance to their successful business activities by developing the image of the Federation and by its improvement in the coming years, strengthening their market position, and dissemination of information about local and foreign markets.
The Presidency elected by the general assembly represents and governs the Federation. The president of the Federation is Mr. Tamas Eder. The continous operation and the realisation of the goals are provided for by the Secretariat, which is run by the Secretary Ms. Martina Mostisch.
In order to meet its goals the Federation maintain relations with local institutions, professional organisations, and is a member of the UECBV and CLITRAVI. "
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